Champ GR & NL. sr. pE. SE. SW. ER. BIS. BISS. Rodin v. Moned ”Arkan” NHAT HWT

(Unir v. Sprangerhof x Zaza v. Moned)

Eyes clear, HD-A, ED0/0 & DNA Tested

Sheep herding instinct test + Social test: Exellent!

French temprement test: Social, shooting, and biting test exellent!

(CSAU, TAN & Championat)

Dutch temprement test: MET LOF! Highest level social, shooting and defence!!

Passed NHAT on highest level (FCI: Herding)

Passed the German temperament test: Social, shooting and defense with very good!

Passed Belgium temperament test social and defence on highest level!

Rodin passed the HWT (sheepherding) on 22-10-2017 as the first Tervueren so far in our country!

BEST IN SHOW Dutch specialty 2018!!

BEST IN SHOW Belgian Club match 2018!!

Arkan came back to us because of personal problems of his owner. Arkan was born out of a litter of 5 males, sadly there were no females in the litter so no girl for us to keep for the future.. Arkan has a interesting pedigree because of his father and his mother’s line that is not very common in the Belgians. Very fast afther Arkan returned ”home” we noticed that he was a very special dog.. in no time he ”wormed” himself into our hearts.. He is with us now for quite some years and has shown us and everyone that knows him what a special dog he is.. temperament test after temperament test he passes on highest level. A strong dog but 100% honnest.. SUPER outgoing and strong but also very very kind to puppies, males etc.. This kind of temperament I honnestly have never seen in Belgians. Arkan is a father now and has shown he gives his temperament and looks to his offspring.. they are following in his footsteps and are winning even more than there dad đŸ™‚ Arkan is still a young dog and we are super excited about the future.. as our friend said ”he will be the best at 6/7 years” we wonder what the future will bring..

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Nakomelingen / Offspring

Rodin x Casyka’s Oh My God ”Casyka’s kennel NL” 6 males & 2 females. 16-08-2015

Rodin x Blow me a Kiss v. Moned ”van Moned kennel NL” 6 males & 2 females. 13-09-2015

Rodin x Ivy Tjinta from Faya’s Home ”Faya’s Home kennel NL” 1 male & 4 females. 17-01-2016

Rodin x Falbala du Bois du Tot ”Du Bois du Tot kennel FR” 1 male & 3 females. 19-05-2016

Rodin x Jody van ‘t Guitpad ”van ‘t Guitpad kennel NL” 4 males & 3 females. 23-05-2016

Rodin x Casyka’s Gypsy-Ho ”Casyka’s kennel NL” 2 males & 4 females. 06-06-2016

Rodin x Ivy Tjinta from Faya’s Home ”Faya’s Home kennel NL” 4 males & 3 females. 10-05-2017

Rodin x Sezanne Valentina. ”Sezanne kennel UK” 1 male & 3 females. 06-07-2017

Rodin x Ketunpolun Wanilla Sky ”Ketunpolun kennel FIN” 3 males and 2 females. 06-09-2017

Rodin x India Deabei ”Kennel Deabei CZ” 2 males and 1 female 21-10-2017

Rodin x Ulvemor Key to the Future. ”Kennel Luvaliva NOR” 1 female 02-12-2017

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